The following is a list of a few of the typical guidelines relating to the transport of large-scale farming implements. For particular guidelines and policies, call the Department of Transportation in your state.

What is categorized as a farm implement?

It is a gadget that straight contributes or impacts the production farming items, consisting of fertilizer and chemical applicator device.

Should be less than 45,000 pounds
Need to be less than 20 feet large
Should be of legal height (normally 14 feet)
General length should be less than 70 feet
Need to have air-filled rubber tires or strong rubber tracks that are non-damaging to the general public highways.

Generally, no authorization is needed on state highways when farm equipment or auxiliary devices is hauled, transported, or self-propelled fitting the above description and as much as 16 feet in width.

When is a farm implement license needed?

A farm implement authorization is typically needed when the width of the implement is over 16 feet but less than 20 feet. The system needs to still be of legal height (typically 14 feet). The cost differs from one state to another for a farm implements authorization.

When is a commercial oversize authorization needed to carry a farm implement?

A commercial oversize authorization might be needed if the farm implement in question is over 20 feet broad, over 14 feet high, or over 70 feet in length.

When is it needed that an escort vehicle is used in the transport of a farming implement?

Most of the times, an escort vehicle is needed when the implement being carried is larger than 12 feet 6 inches. For farming associated implements, the following exceptions are generally made relating to the escort vehicle:

• The escort vehicle might be any vehicle as long as it is legal size and weight
• The escort vehicle is enabled to pull a trailer
• Escort chauffeurs helping in the transport of farm implements do not normally need to be accredited
• Travelers are, under most situations, allowed the escort vehicle

Other guidelines

Other guidelines might look for the legal motion of farm implements on public highways. A few of these might include:

• Large-scale load signs on both escort vehicles and the implement itself
• Brilliantly colored flagging on the farm implement
• Headlight/taillight/rear reflector use
• Sluggish moving signs
• Curfew/Commuter hours
• Convoying of farm implements

Common Rules for the Transportation of Oversize Farm Implements

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